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We have been wrapped up in a whirlwind of travel and exitement. We travelled for 36 hors straight from Capenteria-LAX-Atlanta-Buenos Aires-El Calafate-and then the bus to El Chalten got us here just after sunset. We were treated to an amazing sunset glowing Fitzroy and Cerro Torre pink, followed by a clear night full of stars. The southern cross and an upside down orion and pleides were the only things I could identify.
The next day was perfect weather so we registered with the National Park as climbers, which was very easy. The head park ranger was a very gracious man who had lived in Pasadena once. We then did some more shopping, secured a campsite at a private campground near the north-central part of town right on the Rio de las Vueltas. We participated in an asado that night with our neighbors that lasted well into the night with LOTS of beef, wine, and laughter. 3 languages were being spoken simultaneously! The next day we shouldered our 60lb packs and carried them hungover and dehydrated for 4+ hours to the edge of the glacier and stashed our gear in some boulders before we hiked back. Today is windy but still clear and the weather is supposed to improve after tomorrow. Our plan is to hike back up tomorrow and establish our high camp on the Torre Glacier and then try to climb Aguja Rafael and possibly Aguja St. Exupery over the follwing 4-5 days and then come back to town.

I wish I could describe how amazing it is here. The scenery, people, and overall scene are so cool. I really have fallen in love with Argentina already. My Spanish is pretty bad but is improving daily. I have already made a bunch of friends, Aregentine, German, Spanish, and American.

Hope all is well in Flag and that winter has begun.


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