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Hey Everyone,

Here is the next installment of photos from our trip. Most of them are from our last adventure on Aguja Guillaumet.


The first pic (2779) is of the North and West Faces of (right to left) Guillaumet, Mermoz, and FitzRoy from our bivy site at Piedras Negras. The first half of the route we climbed is out of view on the East Face, the rest of it is one the ridge leading to the summit near the overhanging block.


The second pic (2786) shows Erik at the bivy site all tucked in for a restless night.


The 3rd pic (2689) is of me at the top of the col about to move onto the East Face and the start of the route. We´ve been approaching for about 3 hours at this point.


The 4th pic (2796) is of Erik being greeted by the sunrise from the same col.


The 5th pic (2807) is of Erik leading the 2nd pitch, entering into the coulior above. He´s got an ice screw in just below him.


The 6th pic (2811) is of Erik following a rock pitch on the ridge in the typical conditions we encountered.


The 7th pic (2694) is of me leading the crux rock pitch in Erik´s shoes. Unfortunately the dihedral is not visible, but it was a very engaging pitch.


The 8th pic (2818) is of a triumphant Erik Harz on the summit of Aguja Guilluamet.


The 9th pic (2815) is of me on top considering the mantle onto the summit block behind me. I decided against it.


The 10th pic (2831) is of Erik rappelling over the bergshrund on the way down. It shows the cool half-pipe feature we climbed through to start the route.


The 11th pic (2699) shows me waking up the morning after the climb. After the worst night I´ve ever spent in a bivy sack-totally soaked and cold in a raging wind and rainstorm. At least it was sunny when we woke up!


The 12th pic (2858) is of the cute little kitten we adopted. He just showed up at our doorstep; tiny, hungry and being pestered by the neighbor´s dog. We brought him in and promptly named him Fitz in honor of his resilience to the elements of Patagonia!

Our New Year´s weather window arrived and was fantastic for about 2 and a half days, but unfortunately Erik came down with the cold that everyone in our circle has gotten but me. So we sat the last one out while our friends were either sending, suffering, or both. Oh well, we´ll be that much more psyched when the next window comes.

I hope you all had a great New Year´s Eve and are looking forward to great things to come in 2009.

Take care, Felix

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